Project Management

UGS offer a complete service from site-survey to design, fabrication and installation. Working with residential clients, architects, designers and building professionals we offer unrivalled support from conception to completion.

Not only do we provide stylish systems and superior build-quality, UGS takes pride in putting the client’s needs at the heart of what we do. Design, value and durability delivered with no hassle and no fuss allowing you to focus on completing the rest of your project smoothly.


The latest laser measuring equipment combined with years of industry experience provide the accuracy and reliability you need. From the very beginning of the project we are identifying potential obstacles and solutions to provide you with a smooth installation.

Design and cost-management are at the forefront of the UGS service and these considerations are built into our site-surveys as we look to provide our clients with great quality design at competitive prices.


We are always looking to push the boundaries of our sector and incorporate cutting-edge design into durable, competitively-priced systems. If you want your project or development to stand-out or to subtly redefine the best of minimalistic design then UGS and our designers will work with you to achieve this.

The best part is, our ability to control costs means you can achieve unique design at a price for which most other companies can only offer standard lines.


Safety, build-quality and durability are the hall-marks of a UGS-built balustrading system. Architects and building professionals are always welcome at our factory to see the products being made.


Clean, precise and with attention to detail, UGS ensures that the job gets done as it was originally conceived. Our fitters are trained in our systems and are used to working to the high standards we expect.

Our on-site safety record is exemplary and we always aim to be the perfect on-site partners – quick, no hassle, no fuss – just a clean job done the UGS way.

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