Bespoke designs are now an economic reality with UGS. No matter how cost-conscious your client, or how bold your vision, we can offer a solution that puts quality and price on an equal footing. We put as much into the design and engineering of our entry-level products as we do for our more exclusive range. We take pride in the quality of our systems and are always looking to offer the right system for your project.

Standard systems

UGS have a range of standard systems that suit the needs of any project. Each system can be tailored to provide a stylish and cost-effective solution. With the UGS standard range there is no longer the need to compromise.


While design and build is often seen as the most cost-effective solution to balustrading and railing systems, UGS always seeks to offer more. If you have a specific design in mind we can manufacture a unique solution at standard prices in a variety of materials – stainless steel, copper, brass, wrought iron, aluminium, wood, stone – all with glass and other infills. We know that an affordable yet bespoke design will add prestige to your project.

Architects are always pleased at the speed at which we work to deliver quality, bespoke designs without compromising on our competitive prices.

You’ll be impressed with our designs – your clients will love our prices.




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