For the home, the office, or the public space, few features are as safe and as aesthetically pleasing as the glass balustrade. The timeless beauty of glass can be paired with metal, or wood to create a sophisticated, safe, and secure look for your exterior or interior space. Our designers and engineers take great pride in delivering high quality glass balustrade systems for properties that need a more modern look. Whether you are a home owner that is interested in modernising your home, a business owner looking for an efficient balustrade installation or a Building contractor Area Cubed is here to help.

Browse our portfolio, and our selection of services and products. From terraces, to stairs, to glass wall panels, rails, stainless steel glass balustrades, and splashbacks, our glass is durable enough to stand the test of time and look great for decades to come.

What Can Area Cubed Offer You?

  • Safety, necessary around balconies, swimming pools, and staircases
  • Privacy, with glass frosting and finishes that keep views opaque
  • Security, thanks to the perimeter that these barriers can provide.
  • Sophistication, as these systems add a modern, unique quality to your space.

Indoors and out, properties need lines to define the flow of movement. Glass is a natural choice, as it can provide a barrier without blocking natural light. Glass staircases can add a unique, elegant look to office buildings, museums, libraries, and homes. Each glass structure constructed and installed by Area Cubed is designed and tempered to withstand every day use. Easy to clean, and easy to install, these features can provide the ideal solution for property owners that want to redefine the quality of where they live or work. Read More